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Integrated learning and assessment

Leading the UX research and design on a product aiming to integrate learning and assessment for Maths teachers and learners across the world.

@ Cambridge University Press & Assessment

Since joining the project in June 2021, I’ve taken the project from research to reality by:

  • Defining the problem using jobs to be done analysis
  • Ideating solutions to address opportunities
  • Running 3 concept experiments with teachers looking into how might we: show student working, assess student confidence and surface meaningful data
  • Organizing a design sprint to explore how we marry best practice Maths pedagogy with a thoughtful user experience for teachers
  • Mapping out user flows
  • Testing and iterating the full clickable prototype for the whole product
  • Communicating user stories into detailed and supportive delivery files for our development team
  • Supporting our development team go above and beyond to make sure our product is accessible and responsive

While making sure we were:

  • Following the triple diamond approach to product development
  • Consistently improving ways of working by facilitating workshops, shifting to an agile sprint structure and implementing collaboration tools