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A website for strider, a ride sharing cycling business. Aimed at locals from Bath, this design takes inspiration from taking the back streets, avoiding the congestion of tourists.

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Comfort day

A campaign by Casper to bring duvet days to America. Comfort days give you permission to take a break and recuperate. It’s aimed at people who are always on the move, always looking after others – but...

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A microsite annual report for polyphonic – an alternative music streaming site. The design reflects the alternative dimension that polyphonic represents in the music streaming industry.

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An app for vinyl enthusiasts to help organize and declutter their vast record collections and be part of a buzzingcommunity of music lovers.

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La nouvelle vague

A BFI film festival on la nouvelle vague. Taking inspiration from the perfect imperfection of French new wave film and the aesthetic style of Cahiers du Cinema.

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Little explorers

A re-brand for the Queensland maritime museum in Australia as an adventure and learning center for children. Inspired by play, discovery and an immersive learning experience.

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